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Tree Removal Application Gold Coast City Council

Are you aware that if you require a tree to be removed from your garden, you may need to lodge a Tree Removal Application to the Gold Coast City Council?
The Gold Coast City Council has a process for requesting Tree Removal. It can often be a little confusing, particularly when you’re not sure what’s needed.

If you have a large tree in your yard that is a concern or have an inkling that you will need to obtain approval, give us a call.

Frontier Tree services will lodge your application for you and manage the process through to the end.
No stress, no confusing forms and no trips to the council office. It’s all taken care of for you.
Our Chief Arborist is up to date with local law and the current Gold Coast city council planning scheme. That allows him to guide you in the right direction to get the best outcome possible.

Here’s how it works;

Firstly invite Frontier Tree Services to provide a Free Quote and then accept your quotation.
Book a date in our schedule for the work to be completed (approximately four weeks time, pending approval)
Sign the council consent form (provided by us) and then allow us to do the rest!

What Happens Next

We then prepare your tree removal application for Gold Coast Council, and lodge it, along with a professional, detailed site plan and works proposal, for the council assessing arborist.
The council will then process the application through their system which usually takes around 3 – 4 weeks. During this time they may send an Arborist to your site for a visual inspection.
Once the decision notice has been issued, we’ll contact you by phone to go over the details of your decision notice and arrange a suitable day to attend to the approved work.
We can also assist you with any additional requests the council may have, such as re-planting, arborist reports or wildlife management.
Avoid a headache and let us take care of your next tree removal application with the Gold Coast City Council. Contact us today for more information.
Note: All lead times quoted are reflective of the time frames provided by the Gold Coast City Council.


Maintaining Trees In Winter

With frosty mornings and cold nights, maintaining trees in winter is essential, even though most of us would rather snuggle up near the heater with a good book! Winter is actually the ideal time to stay on top of your garden.

These are a few key reasons why maintaing trees in winter is essential:


As the weather warms, people start venturing outside and pay attention to their yards. As such, tree removalists like Frontier Tree Services, quickly become inundated with jobs. However, by getting a head start on your tree trimming, it’ll be much easier to get any tree servicing done quickly.

Healthier Trees

It is much better to prune deciduous trees during winter, while they are dormant. This will make it easier to identify and prune diseased or dead branches, as well as reduce the detrimental impact on the tree. Through pruning during winter also enables trees to heal before they begin to flower again properly.


All trees and plants need nutrients year round to ensure their survival. That’s why it’s essential to discuss your fertilisation needs with the experts at Frontier Tree Services. One of the most efficient ways to provide your trees with nutrients they need is by creating and spreading mulch. Winter is the ideal time to spread mulch, as the undergrowth has died off during the warmer months.


Winter is South East Queensland brings with it one certainty: unpredictable weather. Wild winds and storms can create substantial problems for weak or damaged trees. Once you spot the damage, ensure you consult the professionals at Frontier Tree Services to inspect your trees. A thorough inspection will ensure your trees are in optimal condition, preventing property damage and potential injury.


While these tips are mostly universal, there are a few exceptions. One major exception to winter tree pruning is fruiting or flowering trees. Orchids should only be pruned after the crop has been picked, and flowering trees should be trimmed as soon as their blossoms have dropped.
The reason behind this is the tree’s flower buds, and budding fruit is set the previous year, and winter pruning can significantly diminish your crop.
Stay on top of winter tree maintenance by calling or emailing the expert team at Frontier Tree Services today.


Do You Need An Arborist Or A Tree Lopper

Finding out whether you need an Arborist or Tree Lopper, is important. If you have a tree that needs removing or needs a few branches trimmed or cut off, you may think that it is unnecessary to get in an Arborist and instead locate your nearest tree lopper. Although this may seem like a cheaper solution right now, this might not be the case in the long run.


So, what is the difference between an Arborist or Tree Lopper?


A Tree Lopper is someone who will come in and take down the branches or trees that you want without taking into consideration the regrowth or positioning of the tree. This could lead to a stunted or weak growth of the tree, which could then fall in windy conditions if the new growth becomes too heavy.
You may also find that even though the Tree Lopper may seem like a cheaper option, the ongoing cost of a lopped tree will end up costing more than having your tree pruned correctly the first time. Lopped trees are likely to re-shoot quickly and require more frequent lopping than what a correctly pruned tree would need. Unlike a lopper, an arborist is specially trained and will operate more efficiently and provide a better outcome.
A qualified Arborist (as seen in our previous blog ‘What is an Arborist’) does much more than just pruning and tree felling. They will study the growth and management of the job you want to be done so that the health and the safety of the tree and the surrounding area are taken into consideration.


An Arborist will make sure that they have looked at your tree from every angle and make sure that what they cut – and where – will not adversely affect the tree (and you) in the future. They will have a proper plan in place, on what branches to cut, and how to cut them, all to make sure that when there is regrowth, it will not be weak and frail, but rather strong and healthy, and not in a position that will need trimming more often.
Hopefully that helps you understand the difference. If in doubt, please give us a call and book in a FREE appointment with one of our qualified Arborists, who will tell you exactly what’s needed.

Trees Affecting Your Home

Owning a house is the Australian dream, especially a house, that has a big garden that the kids can run around in but you’d never think that trees affect your home. With having a big garden, comes trees and unfortunately, some trees could be affecting your home in ways you won’t believe.


Below we outline the top three ways that trees can be making a difference to some of those ‘internal’ issues you may be experiencing.



Invasive tree roots can cause all sorts of issues with underground services, cracking pipes and blocking drains. If your water bill is higher than usual or you’ve got a damp area in the garden then your pipes may have been affected by tree roots.

Not to worry, plumbers will be able to identify the problem area and an arborist can advise on how to remove the problem tree.

It’s important to remember that not all trees have invasive roots and will cause this problem. Selective planting for the right area and conditions is key.



Yes, those pesky little things that get into your home and eat the wood. They live in the garden and work their way inside. If you have trees with a lot of dead branches, or even old tree stumps, that can encourage termites.


For anyone that’s dealt with a severe case of termites, you will know that it’s a costly fix and one that can often be avoided with some awareness.



Although this seems like an obvious one, it’s something many people don’t think of. It’s important to pay particular attention to those trees close to our homes ensuring the trees remain free from deadwood, dying or hanging branches.


Falling tree branches (especially those huge ones) can cause some real damage to a home. We’re certain you’ve experienced the wild weather we can have here on the Gold Coast, and have seen the recent news reports of damaged homes from large fallen trees and branches.

It’s recommended to have your trees pruned at least once a year, removing deadwood and any branches that could pose a risk of failure. If you have any large trees that haven’t been looked at for a while  contact us


Trees are a beautiful part of nature and the environment, however, they can sometimes affect us in ways we couldn’t imagine.


To speak with a member of our qualified, experienced team, then please contact us today. 

Planting a tree is a permanent and long term investment. It adds financial and aesthetic value to your home, but ultimately will benefit future generations and the planet. If you’re considering planting a tree, you need to give it the best possible chance of survival in the future by making the right choice for your habitat.

The first thing you need to take into consideration is how much space you have to work with. A tree grows high and wide both above and below the ground, and your garden should be able to accommodate this with ease. We are fortunate to live in warm and sunny climate that many species of trees thrive in, some a little too much! That’s why it’s important to select a tree that has a non-invasive root system and will not outgrow its location in a few years time. While trees such as Poincianas and Fig trees are beautiful, their large and complex root systems are not always well suited for urban living and should be carefully considered before planting.

When selecting trees speak to your local nursery about the trees growth, it’s potential size and root structure. There are many natives that are great for urban living and grow well here on the Gold Coast. Here’s a list of natives that the Gold Coast City Council recommend when replanting.

The second thing you’ll need to think about is your lifestyle. Can you put in the time and effort to keep your trees looking and functioning well? To help new trees establish quickly in their new gardens it’s important to keep them watered, mulched and fertilised. Once the tree is established and starts to grow it is a good idea to have them pruned regularly. This will help with the trees growth and form.

If you’re still in doubt over what to choose, we recommend you consult your local Arborist instead. Not only will they be able to match you with the best tree for you property, but they’ll also be able to assist you in getting it off the ground and growing healthily for decades to come.

Frontier Tree Services – Why Should You Hire An Arborist Instead Of Pruning That Tree Yourself?

There’s a tree in your garden that’s been looking a little rough recently. You aren’t sure what type of tree it is. It’s been in your yard for as long as you can remember. If just a few branches that need lopping, surely you could do it yourself? Well, you could – but you’d run the risk of damaging the tree, your property and even yourself.

Tending to trees is a job that requires skills. It’s why we need Arborists. Arborists are qualified individuals. They are passionate about keeping trees alive and thriving in all environments, ensuring that the people around it are kept safe and  happy with its appearance.

An Arborist has the technical competence to prune and remove trees. There skills are essential because hacking away at a tree randomly can cause property damage and injury. Trees occupy space above and below the ground. Any changes made to one can affect everything from your neighbour’s views to your property foundations.

Some considerations when hiring a qualified Arborist

When you hire the services of a qualified Arborist, they will firstly provide you with a detailed quote of what work they plan on carrying out. They will also clearly indicate what state they’ll leave your property. This is because a professional plans out their steps carefully before touching a tree to make sure that the activity goes off without a hitch the first time.

So how can you judge whether or not an Arborist is a good one?

Firstly, they should be able to provide you with a copy of their arboriculture qualifications and memberships to their national or state Arboriculture Association such as The Queensland Arboriculture Association. Don’t be afraid to ask  for  insurance details, as well as for references of happy clients who you can contact directly.

A qualified Arborist will be more than happy to answer all your questions from the financial to technical aspects of the job. They will also be able to tell you what outcomes are guaranteed and how each of these factors contributes to what is listed in your quote.

So the next time you spot something amiss in a tree, remember that you’re better off paying for a professional to assist you than risking causing more damage than you can afford.

Caring For Trees

Frontier Tree Services Caring for Trees in Wet Weather. To the devout gardener, rain is usually considered a blessing. However, during heavy, unrelenting rain periods, you can have too much of a good thing.

Intense weather events can take their toll on mature trees, but keeping them in good health and following some of our tips below will ensure your trees weather the storm. Caring for trees in wet weather involves Prevention, Examination and Recovery.



Get to know your trees with regular tree inspections so you notice if any changes occur. Regular tree inspections can catch changes in a tree’s health before disease or a harsh environmental problem such as the recent severe weather event. Ideally, mature trees should be inspected at least once a year

Keep an eye out for any of the following;

  • Dead branches / broken hanging branches
  • Cracks or splits in the trunk where the branches are attached
  • Cavities or rotten wood along the trunk or in major branches

If you do notice any of these major warning signs consult with an arborist for the best solution to help keep your trees safe.



Examine trees after a severe or prolonged storm, check your trees for signs of damage or have them inspected by a professional. Check the roots and for any damaged / exposed roots as well as newly appeared cracks in the soil around the base of the tree. Other symptoms of trees under excessive water stress include:

  • Branch dieback
  • Defoliation
  • Yellowing or browning on leaves
  • Fungus or mushrooms growing on or around the tree



Replenish Nutrients – Soil management is another important aspect of mature tree care. Persistent rain and flooding can drive much-needed nutrients away from your trees. Following a severe storm, replace any lost nutrients by adding compost or an organic fertiliser to your soil.

Pruning is often necessary to remove dead or damaged branches and to improve tree health and reduce wind resistance. While pruning has many benefits, the removal of live branches creates a lasting wound and the removal of large limbs on a mature tree requires careful consideration. Branches that have lost leaves aren’t necessarily dead. Correctly pruning large trees requires special equipment, training, and experience.

A significant lean in your tree could be because of poor weight distribution or root damage, which could compromise the stability of your tree. Consult an arborist for advice on removing these trees.


For more tips on caring for your trees during the wet season, call or email the friendly expert team at Frontier Tree Services today.


Frontier Tree ServicesIdentifying Popular Australian Trees

In Australia, we are blessed with a wide variety of unique flora found nowhere else in the world.

Whether you want to do something positive for the environment through bush revegetation and regeneration, or simply want to be a more responsible gardener, tree identification is becoming an increasingly popular past-time among Australians.

The accurate identification of native Australian trees enables you to:

  • Make records for future reference
  • Inform others about specific species and how to manage them, and
  • Make informed predictions about why, where and how certain species of tree survive, reproduce, compete, disperse, adapt and grow

To help you do this, here are some simple tips to identify popular Australian trees.

Ask an Expert – One of the easiest ways to identify Australian native trees is to ask for an expert opinion. An expert may be a horticulturalist, landscaper, nursery owner, or even a lifetime gardener. Their intimate knowledge of our native trees will help you identify and care for our nation’s precious flora.

Compare with Books and Pictures – If you’re finding it difficult to identify the native trees in your backyard, consult plant encyclopaedias. To make the identification process even simpler, try taking a photo of the tree you wish to identify, and compare it to the photos, illustrations and descriptions in your books.

This will enable you to identify the individual genus and species of tree, as you’ll have a close-up view of bark texture, leaves and other identifying features.

Use a Tree Key – This can be quite daunting at first, as keys typically feature the traditional Latin and scientific names of trees. However, once you familiarise yourself with the terminology, you’ll be able to accurately identify a tree from any region and, tree keys are available for most areas, so wherever you go, you’ll become the local tree expert.

Recognise it Yourself – Identifying trees native to your state or suburb may be simpler than you think. By familiarising yourself with the species of tree which grow in your area (through internet searches, consulting books, talking to neighbours etc.), you’ll find the identification process much easier.

Note its Habitat – Another easy way to identify a tree is to note the habitat in which it grows. When looking up the tree in a plant encyclopaedia, narrow down your choice to those which grow in the same habitat.

Examine a Tree’s Leaves – When attempting to identify a tree, take special note of the appearance of its leaves. As well as helping you pinpoint the species of tree, the leaves will help you determine its approximate age. Juvenile leaves are found on seedling plants and small saplings. Whilst mature leaf regrowth chiefly occurs on twigs which grow from older tree trunks and branches.

If you’re still unsure, or you’d just like a second opinion, contact the Australian native tree experts at Frontier Tree Services today.


There’s a bewildering array of qualifications for arborists, and you’ll find companies will proudly announce their qualifications. But what does it all mean to you?

Qualifications are absolutely crucial when it comes to choosing a good tree specialist, there are many people working in the tree care industry. Unfortunately, too many of them have little or no training and therefore recommend and carry out bad tree work.

Tree work operations (arboriculture) require a high degree of technical competence, supported by training and experience. For these reasons pruning and tree removal should only be undertaken by well trained, competent arborists.

Be cautious of individuals who go door to door seeking business, reputable companies do not have time for this. Even if the low price and convenience of selling tree work door to door might seem appealing, do not take the risk before speaking to a professional arborist.



  • Always ask for a quote (in writing) that describes, in detail, the work that the arborist intends to carry out, including how your property will be left.
  • Ask if they are a member of a professional organisation such as the Queensland Aboriculture Association
  • Ask for copies of their insurances
  • Ask for references to find out where the company has done work similar to what you are requesting. Don’t hesitate to check references or visit other work sites where the company or individual has done tree work.

Don’t always accept the lowest quote. You should examine the credentials of the company and determine the best combination of price, work to be done, skill and professionalism.

A low quote may be an indication of the poor quality of the work that will be undertaken. When comparing quotes you should not simply focus on the financial aspect, but you should also take a number of other things into account. For example, the technical and organisational skills, the know how and expertise, the professionalism and the guarantees regarding the successful outcome of the work.

Tree Pruning RobinaTree Pruning MudgeerabaTree Pruning OxenfordTree Pruning Helensvale





Pruning techniques aim to eliminate hazardous branches, reduce wind resistance and increase the health and longevity of your trees.


Tree Removal

In some instances pruning is not always the answer and tree removal can be the only solution for a variety of different reasons, such as major structural weakness, dead/dying trees of property damage.


Emergency Tree Care 

Where you have an emergency situation such as a fallen tree or branches or where a tree has been damaged and needs urgent attention to prevent further damage from happening to your property.


Tree Planting

Some arborists plant trees and can usually recommend species that are suitable for a particular location, taking into consideration the space available, the future growth of the tree including the root growth.


Stump Grinding 

An effective way of removing a tree stump is to grind it down to 150-300mm below ground level. Leaving you with a workable area ready for your next landscaping project. Stump grinding is the professional way to have your tree stumps removed safely without leaving any hazardous pieces behind.


Tree Reports

Tree reports can be used to submit to council for planning purposes, or as tree health assessments. Tree reports usually detail the species, health, structure and form of your trees. Any potential risk can be identified and necessary work prioritised accordingly.


Vegetation Management Plan 

Prepared by a level 5 arborist; vegetation management plans are relied on when a site such as a school, golf course or a development need to monitor the health of their trees especially during the construction process.

tree Pruning AshmoreTree Pruning SouthportGold Coast Tree ReportsTree Pruning Labrador

So long time no blog…


I don’t know where the time has gone!

We’re still going strong with our great team of guys, Andy had a few months away in the middle of the year as he fulfilled the traveller within him and payed a visit to his home land. Much to our clients delight he is back now and shimmying up those trees as he always did. We do however have a few new faces in the team with possibly more to come!

Check out the Frontier Tree Services about us page to see our awesome team!

Our new website went live recently so when you’ve checked out the crew why not browse the rest of the site. Our Gold Coast Tree Removal page has some great pics. We decided to feature our video on the homepage as we’ve had some great feedback from it, particularly regarding Michaels hand following the chainsaw cut! (the gory stuff is always a winner)


Watch this space for our monthly blog, we will be giving out advice and information covering topics such as:

How to assess your trees

How to find a qualified Arborist

Wildlife In trees

Tree preservation

Gold Coast Tree Loppers (know who you’re dealing with)

Planning for seasons

Why re-plant

… and more


We’ll also be welcoming some awesome guest bloggers but I’ll keep you posted on that.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions, blog ideas and photos.



Do your trees need your attention?


No one knows your trees as well as you. Become familiar, walk around and look at your beauties from top to bottom, look for any changes…

Are there any large, dead branches in your tree?

Are there any broken branches hanging in your tree?

Have branches fallen from your tree?

Are there any cracks or splits in the trunk where the branches are attached?

Does your tree have multiple trunks?

Does the tree have cavities or rotten wood along the truck or in major branches?

Have you noticed a discolouration or change of size in the leaves?


Trees don’t usually grow straight and a little lean is normal but when you notice a strong lean because of poor weight distribution or root damage; it’s likely unstable… call Frontier Tree Services for a FREE tree assessment.

Has the trunk developed a lean?

Have any trees been removed from around your tree?

Has the tree ever been lopped or heavily pruned?

Have any roots been damaged/exposed?

Have you noticed soil cracked around the base?


Construction can be tough on trees. It doesn’t take too much disturbance close by whether it be installing a new driveway, cut and fill for building work or digging for utility lines. If you’ve had any work carried out be aware of what to look for to ensure your trees don’t fail.

Are there any mushroom or fungus growths on, or around the tree?

Has the surrounding area been changed, soil level raised or lowered?

Does the bark/trunk look damaged?

Gold Coast Tree RemovalGold Coast Tree RemovalGold Coast Tree Removal Gold Coast Tree Removal

If you do see any of the major warning signs above then your trees could be “hazard trees” – trees likely to fail and destroy what’s near them – like your house!

This is a good time to call a certified Gold Coast arborist. Arborists can recommend a solution to most problems whether it be a canopy weight reduction, canopy reduction to balance the tree, deadwood, installation of a bracing system. If however the risk of the tree falling is highly likely a complete removal may be recommended.



Long time no blog… times just going too quickly at the moment.

What about these temperatures we’re having lately… It’s been ridiculously hot! We have the crew working up at O’Reilly’s Rainforest Retreat for the next few days which is good timing, it’ll be quite a bit cooler up there. I just read on the Bureau of Meteorology website there’s a chance we’ll get see some storms over the next couple days. I’m not sure how much good that will do, the rain (if any) will just run straight to the creeks.  The ground is just so hard and dry it needs a steady soaking.

We did a job at Parkwood International Golf Course recently, a habitat tree had moved and became unsafe, it needed to be taken down urgently.

On inspection I saw signs of wildlife so called in a spotter / catcher who came that day and rescued a Possum and her Joey. The Possums were relocated to another tree close to the habitat tree and the habitat tree was removed safely.

This large dead habitat tree was in active failure and had to be removed straight away, as it was close to houses and above the 12th tee! We used a EWP (elevated work platform) to safely dismantle it. It was amazing what was holding the tree up, only a maximum of 150mm of sound wood of only 1/3 of the tree!

When you apply to the Gold Coast City Council to remove a tree, sometimes they specify that a spotter / catcher is present if they suspect there may be wildlife present. All wildlife is re-homed by the spotter / catcher close by in a tree which has been checked out. The Gold Coast City Council have a web page detailing which plants and animals have been spotted and are protected in your local area.

It would be a good job being a spotter/ catcher, although I’m sure they have days when that sneaky little Possum just doesn’t want to be caught!

Be safe in the sun




I didn’t get a chance to blog last week since we had a short week with the Labour Day public holiday. That’s the last public holiday till Christmas now!

Arbor camp was held on the first weekend in October. It was a great weekend, the weather was beautiful, the venue (Ewan Maddock Dam camp) was perfect and the events were awesome! TheQAA did a great job organising it, there was so much to do for everyone. My particular favourites were the kids climbing trees, the kids were fearless! The Stihl Timbersports was great to watch, it was easy to see why Brad Delosa is the world champion; he makes it look so easy. The workshops were really informative and of course the wide range of machinery on show, everyone likes checking out the latest tree toys! It’s that time of year that the smooth bark


A bit of mess in the garden I do like it when this happens. It just gives the garden a whole new feel. The trees suddenly look bright, colourful and vibrant. There are approximately 300-400 different species of Eucalyptus trees, often with very similar characteristics only identifiable by their buds. The Eucalyptus tree is the tallest flowering species of tree in the world!


Well it’s official… Patto, one of our members of staff has started his apprenticeship! He’s only been with us for 6 months, he’s been super keen for a while now but there were a few things we had to organise first. It’s going to be good watching him learn new skills as he trains to become a qualified arborist, if enthusiasm counts for anything I think he’s going to do well. We’ve all been updating our training lately, I forgot how exciting it was to learn new things. I’m sure Andy and myself will enjoy guiding Patto, it’s good to go back to the beginning and over the basics from time to time.

I’ve enjoyed driving around the coast doing my quotes this last week. It’s the school holidays which means I’m not getting caught up in school traffic; although Thursday afternoon was a bit hectic on the roads when that storm that rolled though. It took me 45 mins to get from Carrara to Palm Beach! There’s just myself and Jen in the office at the moment. Koren has jet off to France to watch her friend get married, I’m sure she’ll be sipping a nice glass of vino now whilst indulging in delicious pastries and cheese! Jen’s enjoying spending more time in the office… even Alana has been helping… well kind of!

I’ve got quite a bit of footage from the Go Pro that i need to edit and put on YouTube. It’s really interesting to watch the footage and see things from the climbers prospective. I need to make more time to get out on site with the quad copter too. I’ll be posting some footage to Facebook in the coming weeks, look out for it!

Well it’s Arbor Camp next weekend. The programme was released late last week, it looks awesome!! I’m especially looking forward to the Stihl Timbersports. Take a look and come along, it’s going to be huge! Everyone’s welcome!


We started off the week with a call from the RSPCA rescue unit on Monday, somebody spotted a stray cat (Woody) approx. 15 meters high in an Ironbark tree. The bark on this tree is really rough so the cat would have found it easy to climb up but obviously became scared when he’d realised how high he’d climbed. So with our crew only a few suburbs away Andy headed over to see if he could help. Andy climbed up and reached Woody who looked very pleased to see him, he then placed him in a box and lowered him to safety. Wood should be reunited with his owners by now, hopefully he decides climbing trees isn’t for him.

We’ve rescued a few cats and birds from trees in our time, even a 3 wood golf club!

We’ve got a special on our fresh mulch at the moment, so Koren’s been busy in the office promoting that this week. We’re delivering a truck load for $240.00 when we are in the local area! It seems people are busy getting their gardens ready for the summer heat. I use our mulch in our garden at home, and it’s a great cheap way to retain moisture in the soil and keep your plants and trees healthy.

We’re all counting down to the 1st weekend of October (3rd-5th) for the annual QAA Arbor Camp. This year it’s located at Ewan Maddock Dam on the beautiful Sunshine Coast. There’s going to be a load of activities for the kids such as Kids Tree Climbing, Crate Climbing Comp, petting zoo and LOADS more.


Wow, what a wet weekend… it was typical that it was also the Queensland Tree Climbing Championships this weekend too! Although we were absolutely soaked through it was still a good day, it’s always good to be around other people who are passionate about climbing, it’s quite motivating. Especially since everyone made such an effort in the cold, wet weather. Both Andy and myself took part in the competition, there was a great turn out and as always a lot of great climbers. The competition was held in Bangalow, Northern NSW. What a lovely little town, I’ll definitely make a trip down there again, maybe I’ll check the forecast first though!


It’s important to check your trees after very wet weather like this, we had a few emergency calls last week following the rain and high winds that passed through the Gold Coast last weekend. When the ground gets saturated it can loosen the soil around the root system, coupled with heavy winds this can be a potentially damaging combination. Check out the ground around the root system, look for cracks in the soil or gaps between the trunk and the soil. Get familiar with your trees!!

Well our video is ready!! We had a preview here in the office for the team to see it together and we’re all really happy with it.



Well filming is complete for the promotional video! We’re in the editing stage at the moment, it’s looking great so far! We should be ready to release it next week and I’m looking forward to sharing it with the team. They did a great job and I’m sure they will be very proud of what we have created. Jen created a new photo album on our Facebook page earlier today with all the behind the scenes photos. There are some very arty shots which I like.




Meanwhile in the office Koren has completed the Frontier Tree Services Information Brochure, she’s done a great job. Click on the link to take a look. (insert link to PDF on FAQ’s page – Why you should hire Frontier Tree Services)


There is a photograph in the brochure from back in the day when the Founder of Frontier Tree Services, Peter McKelvey ran the show, which I particularly like. Good job it’s not a close up because back then short shorts and long moustaches were compulsory!


CN_Logo_p statementYou’ll see in the brochure that we are supporters of Australia’s largest bio-diverse reforestation carbon sink program. For every tree removal job we carry out, a native tree is planted in the Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor in Western Australia, as part of Carbon Neutral’s reforestation program. Keep an eye on our replanting counter on our website to see how we’re doing. With our customers support we can make a difference.


Click here to learn more about Carbon Neutral’s sustainability efforts.

I rode the G:Link at the weekend, I’ve heard a few negative things about it, but I can honestly say that I think it’s great! In fact, I think it’s fair to say that it’s reignited my love of the Gold Coast. It’s a great route, and will be even better when it is extended to Helensvale and Coolangatta in the future. It was nice to see that there has been lots of replanting along the route too as a lot of trees had to be removed for this. Norfolk Pines seem to be the tree of choice as they are a real feature of the Gold Coast shoreline. Although they look nice now, they will grow into large trees and time will tell if they are the right choice for some areas as they have limited room to fully establish.

What an amazing place to live



So it’s been a busy morning, we’ve had a production crew with us all morning. We’re in the process of having a promotional video made, which is really exciting. Michael (the director) has been great at keeping us in check, and is really good to work with. On the schedule this afternoon is an interview and the recording for the voice over, it’s a bit daunting but it’s going to be great when it’s complete. Just a shame about the intermittent rain this morning, it was still a nice morning though, the sun did make an appearance in-between showers. We’re scheduled for a few hours of filming later in the week so hopefully the weather is better then.



It’s Monday again… I don’t know where the time is going, we just seem to be speeding through 2014, everyone I speak to says the same thing.

We had a team meeting last Thursday, it’s always great to catch up with everyone together and have a chat about where we are and where we’re going. Koren and Jen don’t often have a chance to catch up with the crew so there’s always plenty to discuss and we managed to get a few group photos.

We then finished off the week with a work night out on Friday, we went to the Gold Coast Arts Centre comedy in the basement and had a meal followed by a few hours of stand-up comedy, it was a great night.

I’ve been asked a lot lately about council laws, and a lot of jobs I have looked at lately have required council approval. People often ask me if they really need to apply to council, the answer is always YES!

The assessors are fully trained arborists. They look at the application, assess the tree, and make a decision based on the health and well being of the tree, before putting the decision in writing. Honestly, it doesn’t matter if it’s for a residential or a commercial site, it’s not worth chancing it. Earlier in the year we had a call from the manager of a complex, they had their trees lopped without acquiring council approval. Council assessed the trees and after discussion with the body corporate, law enforcement, and development compliance department, they were let off with costs of about $30,000 to remove the poorly pruned trees and replant mature trees in their place.

Compared to the $960,000 non-compliance fine. Don’t risk it, call us first for a free assessment…



I’ll be writing about interesting jobs we do, positing pictures, our staff and be giving advice on any tree related questions I get asked from our customers.

Well we’re in the mids of winter already… I love winter, lovely crisp mornings and the perfect temps for climbing trees, although I’ve pulled out the Frontier jackets and beanies for those chilly mornings.

I’ve been flat our meeting customers and their trees lately, it’s been great to get lots of referrals from our regular customers and introducing ourselves to new clients. We’ve recently introduced a new custom made cloud based computer programme which has taken a while for me to get my head around. But now I’m used to it it’s been great, and environmentally friendly as now we’ve cut our paper use down by more than half!!

Koren has been really busy in the office lately too. She is busy preparing a pamphlet for me to give to potential clients informing them about the benefits of hiring a qualified arborist. It’s looking great, she’s a whizz on the computer… Makes up for me!

We’re really excited to be able to provide our customers with information about the tree service industry so they are able to make an informed decision about caring for their trees. We hope to have this information available to you all very soon.




Michael, Thank you for taking on the removal of our very big palms. It was very pleasing to call someone who actually answered the phone after having three contractors remain silent. Your crew, Andy, Zac and a chap whose name escapes me were very professional and went about their work taking care and doing a marvelous job. We would not hesitate in recommending you to prospective customers. Thanks again, Ian and Sue.